exexutive masters of business administration (emba)


Executive Master of Business Administration at HIMS Buea in Partnership with The University of Bamenda

The executive MBA programme at HIMS Buea, also known as the EMBA programme, is a two years post graduate qualification designed for students who curious to become senior professionals in the areas of business management and to effective contribute to business decision making.  This programming is particularly interesting because it allows candidates to pursue their business full-time combined with professional/academic upward mobility simultaneously. 

Schedules are very flexible and vary among programmes, and offers part-time opportunities like weekends for effective classes. At HIMS, while there is a difference in the teaching of the EMBA students in terms of organization and functioning, the syllabus is basically the same with those of MBA since they both earn the same graduate degree. The EMBA by nature of the organization and functioning may spend slightly, but insignificantly more time that the MBA students. The EMBA programme is essentially for working class as fresh graduates are not eligible. It is focused on problem solving from an industrial perspective. It is also an opportunity for those who are practicing in the field and who did not do formal training/education in the field of practice to catch up.

Comparatively, full-time Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a full-time academic/professional programme for students with fewer years of work experience and fresh graduates. Instead of completing a degree in addition to working full-time like EMBA students, MBA students leave their jobs to attend school or they continue immediately after their bachelor’s degree. Have a summer off between the first and second year of the programme to participate in internships, and usually have access to on-campus recruiting services for permanent post-graduate positions.

In these two years working professional programme, HIMS provides the rigor of a traditional MBA while reducing the time away from work and family. In our unique cohort learning model and focus on leadership, we help you learn how to draw out strengths from others to produce stronger, more innovative results. Within two years, you will develop the sharp skills to analyze options and a leadership style that inspires entire organizations to do better while doing what it does best.

The following programmes are currently on offer

  • MBA in Accounting 
  • MBA in Management
  • MBA in Human Resources Management
  • MBA in Logistics and Transport Management
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Insurance and Risk Management
  • MBA in managerial Economics